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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to take the course?

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Space is limited.

Who will be teaching the course?

Glenbrook South Business Education teachers, Mike Macfadden and Brian Whalen, will lead a team of mentors and coaches to work with students.

How are the business teams developed?

Students will participate in a group ideation and team creation process as part of the curriculum. Teams will be developed after considering many factors including similar business ideas and interests, varied skillsets among participants, and class size.

Will there be a lot of homework?

Students will have team time during class to work. However, many teams may want to meet during free periods, via electronic communication, or after school to develop their ideas. Simulating the work environment, some employees may “dig deeper” and others may choose to meet the work requirements.

What if a student is absent for an extended period of time?

Any absence that extends longer than one week should be handled like any other class that takes place in a lab environment. Counselors and parents will consult with the teacher for an alternative assignment to ensure the student has an opportunity to engage in the curriculum and be adequately assessed.

What if a student does not continue into the second semester of the course?

Students are encouraged to complete the full one-year curriculum. We do recognize that sometimes a group will lose a member. Teams will continue and consult with their teacher and mentor on how to overcome this obstacle.

Does each team have to present during pitch week?

Yes and No. There will be a required pitch week that will serve as the culminating performance task for the course. The optional pitch week will be in front of a board of venture capitalists and angel investors that will consider funding teams with their own money

What if a business idea isn’t funded?

The course concludes and students take what they learned to build on other areas of interest. Students may choose to enroll in another business elective or take electives in other academic departments for the following school year.

What if a business idea is funded?

The course continues into a second full-year elective. There will also be a summer experience between year one and two.

Are seniors eligible for this course?

We are including seniors for 2016-17. Given the potential for teams to continue to the second year with funding, teams would need to adjust as seniors would graduate. We would work in the team creation phase to balance teams with that in mind. Also after the first year we will re-evaluate eligibility to maximize opportunities for students.